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    Water Volume


    Spray Patterns

    Wide   Range of Misty, Spray and Straight Jet Spray

    Package Size


    Battery Capacity

    2000mAh 3.7V

    Working Method

    Micro Water Pump


    Micro USB Charger

    Range of Use

    Home   Garden Watering and Cleaning

    Manufacture Country



    Adjustable Nozzle

    Ergonomic Handle

    Volume Tick Mark

    Electric Sprayer

    Battery Remaining Display

    USB Charger

    Press for watering(long press 2 seconds to turn on/off).

    Spin the knob for switching 2 different modes of watering, frog and pole.

    Power remaining display system with different colors to show battery condition clearly,3-hour continued working when full battery.

    USB charger with soft rubber interface to keep charging water proof and safe.

    High quality ABS handle with excellent ergonomic design, soft touching feeling and anti-slippery.

    Thickened bottle with tick mark has perfect pressure, throw resistance.

    Multi-function: plants watering, household cleaning, vehicle window cleaning, disinfection or sterilization


    please charge with USB. IPhone charging heads will not work with it

    For the first use, please fully charge the battery.

    Long press(4s-6s) the ON/OFF buton to turn on the spraver and one short press to stop it. To turn off the sprayer please long press(4s-6s) the ON/OFF button. It would turn off itself if left alone for a few minutes.

         The lights on the sprayer head indicate how much power remains.

         It tekes 3-4 hours from 0% battery to fully charged.

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