SF-XDCD-751 Electrostatic Battery Powered Ulv Cold Fogger
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  • Production parameter

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  • Production description

Saintfine battery powered ULV Cold Fogger has multiple functions such as disinfection, dust removal, humidification, and pest control. It is suitable for disinfection and epidemic prevention of air in public places, surface disinfection, and insecticide in indoor and outdoor environments. Good atomization performance, long spray distance, electrostatic atomization technology, strong adsorption, no dead corners, drug saving, time saving, high efficiency, simple operation, long standby time, high efficiency and durability.

  • Production advantage

  1. Electrostatic atomization technology makes the droplets closely adhere to the object at 360 degrees, and the charged droplets are attached to the target surface in all directions under the action of the electric field.

  2. The atomization is uniform, the effective particle size reaches 80% or more, the liquid medicine evaporates quickly, does not wet the surface, the disinfection effect is not affected by humidity, and it will not cause secondary pollution, without secondary cleaning, saving time and effort.

  3. High-density storage technology, get rid of the shackles, safe and convenient operation, easier to use.

  4. The body conforms to ergonomic design, adopts high-density materials, and is durable.

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