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  • Product parameter

Rated voltage/frequency

Rated power

Tank capacity

Spray volume

Droplet size

Effective distance






6-8 meters

  • Product description

Saintfine ultra-low volume fogger has multiple functions such as spray disinfection, dust removal, humidification and pest control. It is suitable for disinfection and epidemic prevention of the air and surface of objects in public places, and insecticide spraying in indoor and outdoor environments. Good atomization performance, long spray range, no dead ends, disinfection solution saving, water saving, time saving, high efficiency, simple operation, high efficiency and durability.

  • Product advantages

  1. Unique hose design, angle can swing at will, instant switch, high efficiency and convenience, hose can swing 180 degrees for disinfection, convenient for spraying in narrow spaces, gaps, ceilings, etc.

  2. High-power high-speed motor, full atomization, long effective distance, uniform and adjustable droplet size, can complete residual spraying, space disinfection, disinfection and epidemic prevention with livestock and poultry.

  3. Swivel spraying mode, the nozzle is not blocked. Equipped with air pressure self-locking nozzle, it effectively prevents the backflow of liquid when power off the machine and without clogging.

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