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l  specification:

product   name

Vehicle   disinfection channel(SFXD-CLTD)


Spray   module, intelligent system, air compressor, water pump, dosing device,   filter, pipeline

Nozzle   static wind range

Nozzle   static wind range

1-4m   (adjustable)

Droplet   size

30-150μm   (adjustable)

Spray   volume

2-12L/min   (adjustable)


l  Description

Shangfang vehicle disinfection channel is a vehicle that can use atomization technology to quickly diffuse disinfection products throughout the vehicle in the shortest time, completely solve the current situation of incomplete vehicle disinfection and dead ends, and solve the common blockage, dripping, and leakage during vehicle spray disinfection. Corrosion, not anti-freezing and other aspects.

Mainly used in breeding farms, quarantine stations, customs, food processing plants and other places.


l  feature

Accurate spray:

Shangfang's vehicle disinfection channel adopts two-fluid atomization technology, which cuts water at high speed by airflow and atomizes to form 30-150μm droplet particles. High-strength and diffuse, can quickly and fully wrap the car body, so that the spray has no dead ends and ensures the disinfection effect.

intelligent control:

Fully automatic and intelligent vehicle entry and exit recognition can automatically add medicines and water in proportion, without personnel supervision, and automatic disinfection. It can also be switched to manual mode.


After the disinfection is finished, the liquid medicine in the pipeline and nozzle is automatically emptied to ensure that the nozzle is not blocked and the pipeline is not frozen. Long service life and low system maintenance.

No residue:

After the spraying of the system is finished, all liquids in the pipeline are automatically removed, and there is no liquid residue, which reduces the continuous corrosion of the disinfectant to the pipeline system and nozzles.


According to different site conditions, we provide professional scheme design to meet customer needs. The spray flow, head and time are adjustable.

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