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·         Product parameters

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Spray volume

Disinfection time

Effective area








·         Product description

Saintfine personnel disinfection channel is a comprehensive safety and health disinfection centrifugal atomizing equipment for solving the problems of personnel disinfection formalization, error and harmful effects of disinfection equipment on human body. 

It can effectively eliminate the harmful bacteria on human surface,clothes and articles carried themselves etc, prevent people carrying bacteria into the public area, cause cross infection and transmission. 

It’s suitable for hospitals, communities, schools, construction sites, stations, airports and office buildings etc., all kinds of epidemic prevention sites personnel in and out disinfection and epidemic prevention.


·         Product advantage

1.    Safe and harmless

Droplets 20-60μm, safe and healthy, avoid the small droplets harming to the human respiratory tract and lung.

2.    Efficient atomization

Centrifugal atomization principle, droplets stay in the air for 8 seconds to fall, full contact with personnel and efficient disinfection during the droplets fall.

3.    No clogging and leakage

Centrifugal atomization principle, unique nozzle-free design; solve the traditional problem of clogging and leakage, high efficiency and maintenance free.

4.    Intelligent control

Automatic intelligent personnel entry and exit identification,personnel entry automatic disinfection, exit no-disinfection. With automatic access control function, it can prevent personnel from escaping disinfection.

5.    High efficiency,durable and easy to maintain

After many times of optimization and improvement, the structure of the equipment is more scientific and reasonable, efficient, durable and easy to maintain.

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