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Static Electricity Prevention for Electronics

In the electronics industry, the temperature and humidity directly affects the quality of the product, especially humidity.

Electrostatic will be more frequent in dry environment, damaging CMOS integrated circuits; due to low humidity, static can’t be transmitted to the ground, then breakdown IC, crystal, diode and audion and other components. For SMT electronics factory, it needs to eliminate 60% of the static to meet the requirements.
Tests showed that under 20% humidity, the plant electrostatic voltage will reach 10000V, and if under 10%, that will be about 20000V voltage.

Saintfine Aerial Fog System-dry fog humidifier  can be widely used to solve these problems, and due to its tiny and dry particle and high efficiency, it has received very good reputation from the clients.(evaporative humidifier)

Screen: under low humidity, volatile liquid, such as ink, is not easy coloring.

Dispensing: Because glial materials are organic volatile substances, humidity is too low, gelatinous substance volatile fast, that affect indoor air quality, and also affect the quality of dispensing.

Mount: These components are mostly assembled electronic components, easy to produce static friction, requires a certain humidity to go out static electricity.

Curing: This is main process to affect the workshop humidity due to high-temperature curing baking.

Reflow soldering: reflow oven in this process will affect the humidity a lot.

Cleaning: circuit cleanser is kind of volatile liquid, highly volatile in the air affect air quality, high air humidity can be bonded organic volatiles, increasing the weight of organic volatile impurities and falling down.

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