Poultry Farm Application

Poultry house

Nature does a good job in maintaining the correct conditions in order to hatch an egg. But Birds are very sensitive to extremes of relative humidity.  A high temperature and humidity level is required at chicks different stage. The relationship between temperature and the air’s moisture holding capacity of the outdoor and indoor temperatures play an important role in moisture control for air exchange. So maintaining the correct level of humidity, along with precise temperature and disinfection at each stage of the hatching cycle is crucial.

Climatic  factors

• Humidity

• Temperature

• Disinfection

Aerial fog system is used widely including increase humidification in poultry house during dry season and cooling the temperature in the hot day. It uses compressed air to guarantee fine droplets, which evaporate rapidly to provide the relative humidity required.evaporative humidfier

§The humidification in the dry season

Humidity is controlled by the intense heating or cooling of house air in response to the temperature outside the house. When outside temperatures are low, relative humidity in the house is low, which often results in dry dust circulating in the air within the house. Humidifiers, such as the Aerial fog system, are popular as they provide fine humidity.

§Cooling the temperature in hot day.

Chickens internal body temperature at 41.2°C to 42.2°C is measurably higher than that of livestock and humans (36°C to 39°C).    Body temperature is kept quite constant and is regulated by part of the chicken brain .  It takes some time before heat regulating mechanisms start functioning in newborn animals and therefore they need a fine temperature. Aerial fog system humidifiers offers a total solution for the poultry house.

§Disinfection to prevent the disease

The cleaning and disinfection of poultry houses, whether as a standard practice after every flock or a mandatory procedure after an infectious disease outbreak, as common components which are needful for success.

Both the droplet particle sizes and the disinfectant spraying amount of our Aerial fog system can meet the requirements of disinfection and it can achieve automatic control, spray evenly ,hassle-free.

Saintfine low pressure aerial fog system with atomization nozzles humidifier ideal for hatchery applications and CE assured that you will comply with any hatchery maintenance schedule.