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  • Product description

The centrifugal sprayer is a kind of centrifugal atomization equipment with high power and long spraying distance, which adopts centrifugal atomization principle and double motor drive. It is widely used indisinfection and epidemic prevention, humidification, dust removal, cooling and pest control in animal husbandry, workshop, hospital, airport, gym, station and etc.

  • Product advantages

  1. Large amount of atomization, long spraying distance, uniform and precise droplet.

  2. Centrifugal atomization principle, no blockage, no leakage, easy to clean and maintain.

  3. Double motor drive, high efficiency spraying, no noise.

  4. Durable, maintenance-free. 

  5. Easy to install and operate, move flexibly, different modes can meet your various requirements, automatic swing head.

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